That pretty much sums it up …

For some reason, which I’m putting down to the excessive sleeping in of children, quite possibly due to the fact that during the school holidays I altered the time on the coffee machine so it would go “off” at 7.23am and not 6.23am as it had been, we’re having less tiime to get organised in the mornings and leaving slightly later and more rushed than usual.

This morning was no different; up later, coffee poured, mental notes made to self re changing time on coffee machine, much mentioning of “no time to lie in bed and read, get up NOW!” and usual morning blabberings about dishwashers and breakfast and clean undies and shoes under coffee tables.

Our always forgotten weekly ritual of “But I have Show And Tell” today occurred at it’s usual time. Like clockwork is it. Right after that moment where I yell “getyourbagandbookbagandyourshoesonandgetajacketonit’scoldwhydoIhavetotellyoueveryomorning?!” and the jacket is half on and I’m halfway out the door.

And I thought we had Show and Tell on Tuesdays. Or is it Wednesdays? Monday?

My discussions with the teachers at PT interviews on Tuesday reminded me of a) their suggestion I help Godzilla

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