That Six Week Mark

Breakky this morning was its usual barrel of laughs.

Grumpy was asked to work today, only last night, which left me unprepared and with three kids to manage.

The two older ones fluctuated between being really helpful and cooperative and downright annoying, ultimately leaving me in one of those awful situations where I was left to make a decision and was completley unable to determine which way to go …

… Yup, Monkey Boy was annoying the crap out of Godzilla, so Godzilla threw a pencil at his head. What do you do there, coz really, Monkey Boy was asking for it. But throwing pencils at heads is not on.

I went and lay in the foetal position instead, hugging my now luke warm (barely) MUG of coffee.

Then it hit me.

SIx weeks – the six week mark!!!

Not the baby – that’s not till Monday. No, I haven’t had my legs – argh! or bikini line – waxed for six weeks.


Worse, I can now see my bikini line.

(Probably why I’m feeling a little post-natal sex depression!)

And I was gonna make my appointment for today. And Grumpy went and got himself a work day.

Now when am I gonna do it? Hopefully before the actual 6 week mark – and definitely before the 6 week obstetrician checkup. You gotta look good for you Ob.

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