That'll need more explanation

This post is dedicated to the lovely – albeit geeky and not-sure-how-they-ended-up-inmy-life-but-glad-they-did – Pete Aldin and Alana Murray Phillips. I hope they like it. It’s all they’re getting from me for their birthdays this year.

A Family Day was planned, thus the morning was filled with some mayhem. Mostly convincing the kids that, yet again, we are actually trustworthy, and until we take them to a really boring abatoir, they are not to whinge about not wanting to go and how boring we are and blah blah blah.

Also, there was this:

Yes, the inevitable LEGO Star Wars galactiron, deathstar, air wing, some such thing on the kitchen table.

“Move this off the table, NOW!” is the, also inevitable, polite request from GrumpyPants.

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