That's a bit harsh!

Craziness of day, with extra child being dropped off for a play, Grumpy Pants heading off to work, major projects requiring a good seeing to, and dropping extra kid off.

Go the option of walking him home, so as to tire own children out before having to deal with them on my own for the evening. They’ve been sitting most of day, playing Wii and DS games. And some Thomas the Tank track rebuilding a.k.a. creating disaterous mess in bedroom preventing any form of safe entrance or exit and causing Mum to have a ranty What Is This Mess type coniption.

Return home and kill some time before dinner playing Mario Kart with the two older ones, now I can understand most of the language, and am just psyching self up to prepare a meal when Grumpy rings and asks if we’d like to go into his work for dinner. Why the hell not?

It can only go well, me in snobby, albeit “teaching’, restaurant, with three kids, one of whom is a toddler, where the two older ones play their DS and ignore me, the toddler plays trains and throws food and ignores me and eventually they all get up and bugger off, leaving me to sit at a table on my own. Bored. And feeling somewhat stupid. Surrounded by crumbs from 38 bread rolls, most of which have been consumed by the older two, some partially chewed bread roll, thanks to littlest one, and some spilt lemon squash.

The spilt lemon squash came about because Monkey Boy told me he once stuck a straw up his nose and sucked up lemon squash and it was “really funny” and he didn’t at all appreciate my point that it was “really stupid”. This then led to a three-person discussion involving Monkey Boy suggesting to Godzilla that he try it, me advising him not to listen to anything his brother says that commences with “I dare you” and Godzilla asking Monkey Boy to pass his drink over, me

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