That's not fact, either

Monkey Boy in trouble for suggesting a “brain looks like a bum with squiggly lines on it”.

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  1. And yet another reason why we need male teachers for that age group. I mean no disrespect to female teachers (who’ve been fabulous on the whole for my boys).

    But if you don’t “get” boys, you seriously have little to offer them.

    I for one thought your son’s comment insightful and when I think of what goes on in the minds of many people I know, quite an apt link!!

  2. (Don’t get me started on this particular teacher – I love her to bits, but she’s gotta get head out of text book teaching scenarios)

    Godzilla has fabulous, quirky out there ways of thinking. It’s brilliant.

    Monkey Boy has intense desire to push boundaries as much as humanly possible. And he’s a smart arse. It, too, is brilliant!

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