That's Odd

Did my usual thing in the morning – get up, boot computer up, pour coffee and check on emails (ok, and Forums)

Monkey Boy got up a little earlier than the rest of the house, and happily went about getting himself breaky all on his lonesome.

Quite normal. He’s got the rule of the house – If you don’t get it yourself, you will probably not get anything.

And then … I got worried. He just started unstacking the dishwasher without being asked! It is his job to do it. But still, its usually one of those things you have to ask several times, and, on occasion, bring in a threat of some form or another.

Astounding. Took him off to school while Grumpy did the gymnastics and kinder thing with Godzilla.

While I got to work on my identity 😀

A Style Consultation – to follow the Colour Analysis I had a few weeks back. And it was even more fun! We looked at all sorts of clothes, shapes and colours and I even got a asked what I like! That was exciting.

We did a bit on my personality (apparently “mother” is not a personality, its a role) and what clothes would best suit it, and my work and my goals in life.

I left feeling empowered and excited. I finally knew who I was. Which was lovely, as, since having kids, I’ve tried on several different personalities and identities. Currenlty, I’m testing out being a tree hugging hippy, who hasn’t had a shower for several days, or a leg wax for several months. And wearing clothes that, I’m quite convinced, have not been updated since the 1970’s. Quite possibly not washed since then either.

Got home, and there in the post were my two gorgeous necklaces that I had purchased online

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