The 10 Best Things about being Married to a Chef

Yes, yes, I’m married to a Chef. Lucky me.

Or so I am told on a regular basis. So lucky am I, and was reminded yet again last night of just how lucky I am, that I have decided to share with you the Ten Best Things About Being Married To A Chef:

  1. Chef’s are inevitably working when you have been invited to social gatherings, thus you get to go on your own. Usually with 3 kids and no other adult help in tow
  2. You get to go to all his family functions and gatherings without him
  3. He’s usually not home to cook the evening meal, so, no, he doesn’t do most of the cooking around here at all
  4. He walks through the kitchen and turns the stove up or down, stirs things and completely fucks up your concentration and system of doing things
  5. He won’t get out of the kitchen, even when you wave knives at him and say “get out of my fucking kitchen”
  6. When you’ve screwed up the latest birthday cake and ask for help, he replies “I’m not a pastry chef, you know”
  7. You invite some friends over for dinner, spend all day on it and everyone says “That was great, Grumpy Pants, thank you!”
  8. And he takes the praise as though he cooked the meal and everything
  9. When he does cook, he’s used to having

10 Replies to “The 10 Best Things about being Married to a Chef”

  1. ooooh yeah, living with a chef (or a former chef in my case) is just. so. effing. delightful.

    ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY agree with No.4

    Also love the regular comments that MY knives are shit compared to his – well darling, come use your knives and take over getting dinner ready instead of interrupting me cooking!!

    *deep breath*

  2. Ah, that explains that then. I wondered why you had to see his family without him.

    When you said he was a chef I wondered if you did all the cooking. If he read this would he understand?

  3. Oh I can so relate to many of those things!

    Except for # 4-8 because if he’s home I absolutely refuse to go into the kitchen. Why have a dog and bark yourself? 😉

  4. I love #6

    Like we are pastry chefs? We still always have to come up with some fantasmagorical creation.

    I am not married to a chef…quite the opposite actually, but I worked with them for over 20 years. Uhm, what’s the opposite of a chef?

  5. Hmm..I’m NOT married to a chef, but he seems to think that he knows SO MUCH about cooking. This a person who gets so proud of himself when he’s cooked instant noodles for the kids. And then tells ME how I should cook some dishes…really…sigh..can’t imagine if he WAS a chef.

  6. Suz, he gets it – it’s a joke in our house, now. Well, he thinks it is …

    Macsnorky – dogs can’t cook. Oh, wait, nor can I. I even got an award for it. I do, however, like playing with sharp knives and waving them at people 😀

    Anke … dunno, but sure my hubby would happily tell you. He likes to use the term “fitter and turner” … fit stuff into a pot and turn it inot shit. Maybe a Fitter & Turner is the opposite of a cher? Maybe they are the same thing? I don’t know.

    Norlin … um … do you have a set of sharp knives? Perhaps you need some?

  7. At least you’re a bit famous 🙂 Thats got to count for something? Yes, no? I think being married to a famous chef might be worse. My husband doesn’t do most of that stuff but he doesn’t do anything in regard to the kitchen. He does however take credit for the homebrew that his mates like so much. When they found out [bc I found out he was passing it off as ‘his’] it only served to make him the more greatly praised for being able to get his wife to make him beer. Not the same as your situation though. And he’s good at singing songs to our daughter which very nice.

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