The 4 Hour 48 Cupcake Challenge

Godzilla’s birthday today. Which means I’ve also been a Mum to two boys for nine years.


After yesterday’s fabulous cakey type creations I was also expected to come up with some cupcakes for school. Easy done.

I contemplated my list, decided I had to pick one and only one thing on it for today, so I chose cupcakes.

I sat the frozen butter in a jug,which I placed into warm water to soften. And did something else on my list. By the time that Essential Item was completed, I had four hours in which to mix, bake and decorate 48 cupcakes.

That does sound like a huge task. Unless you are me.

Not because I am an awesome baker, but because I am … well, and awesome baker, but not as you would expect.

I located my basic butter cake recipe thing. I usually make chocolate cupcakes. Today was no different.

Except it was, becuase we had no cocoa, so you know, without cocoa they can’t be chocolate really, can they.

So I added green colouring. Because I could.

Some social media had plenty of suggestions coming my way; ‘use real chocolate’ said one, but there was none due to stress levels. Also, I added green colouring.

Because I could.

‘Make vanilla cupcakes’ was another.

I already did, because I followed the recipe at that point.

Then I added green food colouring.

Because I could.

‘Why did you use green food colouring?’ asked a confused punter.

Well, because I could. No other reason.

I’m not about impressing the parents or my fellow mums. No. This is 48 cupcakes for a bunch of 7-9 year old kids, whom participated in a Health & Wellness discussion with me last term. Most of that discussion contained the word poo.

Of course I was going to make green cupcakes.


Because I could.

The mix was done, the first 24 in the oven, then out 15 minutes later, and the next 24 in. Or, 22 technically, because I’d been a little overzealous with the blobbing of mix into each cupcake thingy (oh, we were also out of patty pans, so, meh, we managed) and I ran out of mix.

46 unevenly sized cupcakes.

And plenty of time to spare.

Even with decorating.

Usually, I’d do a sprinkling of icing sugar. That’s decoration, right?

Except we faced a dilemma. We had far too much in the way of white chocolate buds. And I don’t like white chocolate. I had to dispense of them.

Melted them up and ‘drizzled’ it over the cupcakes. ‘Drizzled’ sounds creative and like I had a clue. It was more kind of ‘blobby’ and ‘lumpy’ and a little bit of ‘drizzly’.




(I don’t actually care if you are or aren’t – the kids loved them. Also, I made sure I left school immediately just in case someone died.)

I had them – and two articles, and another item on my list – completed in three hours. Yup, I even had time for a shower before I needed to go to school.


Call that a challenge?!

(“Why did you make them green”, asked Grumpy Pants when he returned home … *sigh* … Because I could …)

2 Replies to “The 4 Hour 48 Cupcake Challenge”

  1. A wise frog once said “It ain’t easy being green”.

    We can clearly add to the list “It ain’t easy making green cupcakes because everyone asks you why they were green.”

  2. Quote:Also, I made sure I left school immediately just in case someone died.

    You should hav better faith in yourself by now woman. You haven’t killed anyone with your cakes yet, green or otherwise. Just relax, sit down and have a cup of tea.


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