The A-Z of Kids: O is for …

One thing I noticed, relatively early on, with my kids, was that they readily display behaviours, or behave in such a way that requires the reference to words beginning with “ob”.

Unfortunately, most of these words and, therefore, the associated behaviours, are not much fun at all. Indeed, many of them had be wanting to make a quick call to my own Ob – of the obstetric kind – and ask for a refund or for him to put my kids back where they came from.

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder what would be more painful, in all honestly.

Anyhoo, as we carry on with Real Mums A-Z of kids, I remind you that these are common behaviours in just about ALL children (with terribly few exceptions) and that whilst not all children behave in the following (and previously mentioned) ways, most will at some point. Just not all of the time.

Or, at least, we hope they’re not like this ALL of the time, because that would not be good for anyone.


O is for …

Objectionable – ob

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