4 Replies to “The A-Z of Kids: V is for …”

  1. Volatile! Oh deary me, so very volatile. Liable to change state in a split second over the most trivial circumstances.
    Wanted water to drink, got milk? BAM! Tears.
    Dog briefly scratched its ear with a back leg? Raucous hilarity ensues!
    Ready for school on time, with everything packed and clothes all on the right body parts? TANTRUM TIME!


  2. Have to add another one 🙂
    Victorious – there is almost nothing, NOTHING, as fabulous as seeing a child accomplish something they didn’t think they could do. The sheer joy and excitement at doing shit never wanes, but the air-punching reaction of children is Just. The. Best.
    Can you guess I’m pretty proud of what my kiddoes have been doing? 😀

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