The banning of videos in birthing suites

OK I’m a day behind on this one, and I truly didn’t think it would be one of those topics that caused as much stir as it did.

(Amongst certain – aka parenting inclined – groups, obviously. Others just don’t care and think the whole concept is just weird and gross. They are probably right, but each to their own :))

Anyhoo, I’ late jumping on the bandwagon because I was busy doing otherthings about this very bandwagon. Refer to yesterdays blog post. Not making excuses, I’m still just really excited about it and wanted and excuse to mention it again.

The gist of the 7pm Project interview, and a

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  1. Hey Cranky Pants – I agree with you about individual choice blah blah and yes the minority of people who have buggered it up for the others (God there were people like that at school too!!) – but I have my own opinion which I sent in an email about the emotional disconnection that we are creating by using a camera instead of experiencing the moment!

  2. I can see a lot of your point but I cannot agree with you at all about the suing aspect. Judgements for malpractice don’t happen if the doctor / medical personnel didn’t seriously neglect their duties. If they make a call based on their experience, knowledge etc they are not going to be held liable. They are and should be held liable if they make a stupid call that causes injury and death if nothing else but to protect the next person whose life is in their hands. The laws surrounding judgement are quite strict and are not a jury verdict so the chance of a malpractice suit against someone just because there is video evidence of them doing their job correctly is laughable. Frankly I doubt I’d feel comfortable letting a medical practitioner anywhere near me if their concern is being sued not giving me the best possible care.

  3. Jo – absolutely 🙂

    Lila, of course, absolutely.

    I’ve just seen and heard far too many stories of women being “butchered in hospital” and the issues that has caused for the hospital/Ob in question, and their reputaton – because they didn’t want medical intervention or a c-secton or whatever. Thus my rant about that 🙂

    But, yes, you’re absolutely right – neglect and malpractice etc are evident with or without video. Didn’t mean to gloss over that aspect as I did.

    Like Dr Andrew said, and I agreed with, this is a not as big an issue as its perhaps made out to be. Totally agree with you re medical staff worrying about a malpractice suit instead of extracting a baby 🙂

  4. Also … just an addendum … the whole “if medical practitioners/staff do soemthing wrong and get sued as a result, video or no” goes without sayiing, really.

    Doesn’t it?

    Kinda felt it didn’t need too much mention due to its complete obviousness 😀

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