The best laid plans for taking the day off

Ah, Sunday.

Been a crazy week, just for something different, so I choose to take the day off and spend it with The Family. Always good for a bit of fun and relaxation, gets me off the computer.

The fun and relaxation starts straight up, when I pop on the computer to check nothing urgent is required to add to my To Do List, I get whinged at about being on the computer, I turn it off and say “Right, I’m taking the day off, where do we want to go” and get the “Do we have to go out” and the “I want to stay home” whinges.

And something about someone looking at someone, who retaliates by touching the other until it turns into a full blown war with hitting and yelling, followed immediately by refusing to get dressed and going off and doing other things and continuing to be negative about going out.

Are we having fun yet?

And why aren’t I feeling relaxed? When will that kick in?

Hop back on the computer while they sort their stuff out and have nice conversations with nice people. Ah, bliss.

I make lunches and snacks and off we go. A day at the museum, whereby we are required to eat snacks and lunch upon arriving, I divert attention by wondering through the nearest exhibit and pointing at things while commenting “oooh” and “aahhh, look at that”, then my phone goes off.

Business call. Request to appear on Sunrise tomorrow morning, lots of dicsussion and I miss the dinosaur bones. Another call re the segnment not long after.

Lunch had, more exhibits viewed and it’s off to drop the kids off at a friend’s house as arranged prior to us leaving this morning. Grumpy and I left with

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