The Big Clean Up

After a morning that the local markets, and lunch with some friends who popped around, we set about the task of Tidying up the Toy Room so we could then start on the Doing Up the Baby’s Room.

This, as per usual, consists of me doing a lot of yelling whilst requesting some assistance. I don’t start yelling, but after asking the same things 493 times, I figure they must be:

  • hard of hearing and require me to yell;
  • not getting the fact that I actually do require assistance and am getting mildly pissed off.

Eventually, everything is tossed into the middle of the floor while Grumpy and I drag bookshelves around the room to create more space. Of course, this never works when the kids have too much crap. All you succeed in doing is rearranging the crap.

Grumpy set about tackling the important tasks, like plugging the old computer in and ensuring the old TV, video and DVD players all worked. I got the “fun” job of tossing out the stuff that the kids had forgotten they even had, whilst distracting them enough so they wouldn’t see. No chance. Suddenly, they became lovingly reaquainted with what can only be described as cheap rubbish that they didn’t recall ever having.

Never fear, my brain, which only hours earlier had attempted to make a plunger coffee and an instant coffee by placing the instant coffee grains in the plunger and several scoops of plunger coffee into a MUG

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