The Birthday Day

The middlest one has reached the lovely, anticipated, pre-pubescent age of twelve.

Having taken examples from his older, relatively newly pubescent brother, he spent much of his actual birthday in a state of Surly, as those in the pre- and presently-pubescent have the absolute right to do, and you hate me, and everyone is against me and you don’t understand me and things were different in the olden days.

Or something.

Despite being excessively unavailable around the home at the moment, I still made considerable effort to construct some cupcakes for him to take to school on his birthday, day.

Typically, the busier I am, and the less time I have, the more likely I am to convince myself it is a fabulous idea to Try Something I Haven’t Done Before.

Or that I have tried before and I know is more time consuming.

Sometimes, I swear my brain is against me.

Anyhoo, I decided bi-colour cupcakes would be a great idea, because, I don’t actually know why.


This did not stop me from going ahead with the idea. I was also well aware that I had already lowered the expectations of his teachers and classmates considerably, with last year’s efforts. A lolly stuck to a chocolate butter cake cupcake was nearing about as half arsed as one can get.

To be clear, there was no actual icing on the cupcakes. Just a cake, with a lolly pressed into it.

Because I rock to the max.

Grumpy, being a little less busy than I offered to finish the cupcakes off, and take them up to the school just before pickup.

No lollies from a leftover packet for him.

Oh, no. He had to go and ruin it all for me, by simply “whipping up a ganache” and piping it onto each cupcake individually. Thank goodness Godzilla is at high school next year, and there will be nothing expected from me.

Actual birthday out of the way, I could focus on the birthday parties cakes, because, yes, again two parties ensued. Scheduled only half an hour apart, instead of a full 24 hours or more, I had resigned to the fact that I had seriously fucked up.

Not only that, but I did the whole We’ll Just Have It At Home thing, because Godzilla is way more low key than his brothers, and every single year I tell myself I will never, ever host another party at my house again.

The creating of a cake I had not made for some time, and the paraphrasing of the stupid recipe I had googled

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