The 'Breastfeeding in Public' Message is Getting Through

I hope everyone is happy.

The message about it being ok to breastfeed in public is getting through.


And it is, quite frankly, a shit message that’s being received.


I can already hear the undulating cry from hoards of breastfeeding advocates and their followers the world over.

This lunatic must be stopped!

Just stop your tits from getting in a knot for a second …

A couple of days ago I was in the car with a number of others. Something came on the radio that had the word “breastfeeding” in it … I didn’t really catch it, car load of people and all that.

I was asked this:

“Why do so many people hate breastfeeding?

I was a little incredulous, but I went with it.”What do you mean by ‘so many’?

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