The Care – Happiness Equation

I’ll start straight up by stating that statisicalum thinganmies are not my forte and I can never seem to get the language quite right.

I quite like the word “exponential”, but not as much as I like “exsanguinate”, particularly in regards to the relationship between two thingies that impact upon each other (or one on the other), equations and those graph things with an X and & axis and show how two different variables relate to each other.

Anyhoo, work with me here. I’m kind of diverging slightly, but will get back on topic. I state this because there’s a meme that’s been doing the rounds that essentially states the less you care the happier you will be.

Of course there are variations of this particular meme, some branded, others not, some pretty and flowery and worthy of being printed and others hack jobs with bad spelling and stuff.

This, however, is the one that drew my attention, one I related to most and … well, I had been feeling somewhat too close to what Jack Nicholson looks like in this image for my liking.

I got it.

The less you give a fuck

Except that I kind of

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