The case of the Evil Daddy

Last day of school holidays, and after a week of not much, followed by a week of too much, and a nice quiet day at home, we were over it all.

The nice quiet day at home yesterday just resulted in a bunch of family members with far too much pent up energy. So the day was not going nicely at all.

Lots of grumpiness, tanties, misbehaving and a strong desire to just do something, Anything.

The only person not involved in these undesirable activities was Chippie. All he wanted to do was eat and poo.

The only option open to us was to get out of the house. Grumpy suggested a walk to the river. I agreed, suggesting we also take some hession sacks, some bricks and give the kids a short swim.

Ok, I really suggested we do go to the river; where there is a lovely cafe right next to a playground.

Half an hour later we were out the door, accompanied by one child annoying another, the other child getting upset and a husband getting increasingly frustrated with the two of them and trying to get the pram out the door, whilst having trouble stearing.

I, meanwhile, was Googling potential side effects of mainlining coffee or sauvignon blanc – preferably both at the same time.

(I couldn’t find anything, so started researching how you actually go about mainlining coffee and/or sauv. blanc, but got yelled at coz the wanted to leave).

Tanties and grumbling followed us down the street, all the way to the river, Chippie sleeping the whole way.

We arrive, children head off in different directions and Grumpy heads to the cafe. He returns, carrying two takeaway milkshake containers. There was a short moment where I was did think “One of those better be for me, and containing iced-coffee, or someone will end up in the river, hession sack or no!”

Fortunately, one was for me, all to my lonesome, and yes, it did contain iced-coffee. Nothing for the kids, however, as “well, the didn’t tell me what they wanted.”

The fact that Grumpy Pants didn’t actually ask them if they wanted something is beside the point.

Besides, we took great delight in not only not sharing with them (it was coffee! We’re not that bad as parents!), but letting them think we were drinking milkshakes.

That was fair payback for the last two weeks, surely!

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