The Cause of Self Combustion

Shopping needs doing.

I am home, all day with the Littlest One, and would very much like to distract myself from thinking about work and brilliant ideas, and avoid lying on the floor playing another round of Thomas the Tank Engine Unsplodes, which is essentially me spending ages and much brain power reconfiguring and rebuilding the wooden train track I did only days before, to then witness it be driven on by trains, then hit by a volcano/earthquake/bomb so that it “unsplodes” (which I think is actually “explodes”) and smashed into a complete mess.

Which I then get to rebuild at another time.

Grocery shopping. therefore, seems like the most suitable way to distract and avoid.

Off we go. A park right next to the trolley bay is available, and I take it. This offers a safe place for Chippie to stand and be “helpful” whilst I’m unloading the trolley, post shopping, into the car, and means I can strap him in and return the trolley without the whole “you are a terrible mother, you locked your child in the car!’ scenario happening.

I will give my children credit for one thing; they are mostly very well behaved when grocery shopping. Oh, they have tried the “I want lollies” tantrum and were rewarded, on more than one occasion, with a “huh, so

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