THE Complete List Of Superfoods

You know what?

(I know this will come as a complete shock to many of you ….)

I really dislike the term “superfood”.

I love it about as much as I love the term “supermum“.

Because, quite frankly, if that single blueberry doesn’t come flying in, cape on, underpants on the outside, to rescue me from the terrorists living in my kitchen, tormenting me with their tween- and teenage obnoxiousness and body odour, then there’s no fucking super about it!

They won’t even do my frigging ironing!

The alleged “super” foods. Not the kids. I’ve managed to train one up well. Ish. He still whinges, but he does it.

For me, and yes, admittedly I have been swayed by the media, in my vulnerable youth watching hours upon hours of

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  1. I loved reading the article – thanks for advice. After a very long school holiday period and a few back to school hurdles here is my own list (no objection to chucking in the odd blueberry but they do block up a straw):-

    Champagne (token strawberry)
    Vodka (token lemon)
    Crisp white wine
    Baileys (add dairy if required)
    Pimms (token cucumber and mint)

    1. Whilst I do agree with all of your superfoods comments – I don’t agree with the Healthy Food Pyramid. I am not against grains and cereals and carbohydrates in general (and yes I know there are carbs in most things including vegetables) I don’t agree with the amount that is recommended for our daily intake. I would swap the proteins (eggs, meats, etc) with the grains section.

      And I am sure you missed the alcohol section completely – where is it dammit!!!!

      1. My main problem with the “Carbohydrate/protein/fat” thing is that they are essentially ‘umbrella’ groupings or categories which food fall into.

        Thus the benefits and deficits of foods are overlooked entirely. Fibre, vitamins, minerals etc are essentially ignored. Excess protein leeches calcium from the bones, not enough fibre causes an entire range of serious health problems, cutting certain foods or food groups (regardless of their macronutrient status) deprives the body of essential nutrients they need.

        The alcohol section is a special section of its own and has it’s own article in Green Smoothies and SuperFoods for Mums 😉

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