The Cons of the Cons of Controlled Crying

This post was going to have a different angle; and angle that came from the misrepresentation of what Controlled Crying actually is.

I am, and have been for a while, an advocate of Controlled Crying.

At least, I really, genuinely thought I was. Now I’m not sure sure.

Not because I’ve been persuaded by the ‘experts’ who are blatantly and vehemently anti-controlled crying, who use emotive manipulation to get people to sign up to whatever their latest sing-uppy thing is, or to get you to buy their latest book, or whatever. Let’s face it, these people are, first and foremost, business people with a product to sell, and will use whatever means available to them to sell them.

If this means putting a little doubt into your mind about your parenting skills and abilities to lead you to believe that you are going to psychologically damage your child for life, then that is what they will do.

I don’t mean to discredit them; many of them are extremely passionate about what they teach and tell, it comes from their hearts and with the intent to help, and they each have a considerably amount of experience, and have done a considerable amount of research. Their opinions are valid.

Oh, and before anyone gets narky at me, this also applies to those who are pro-controlled crying or whatever the hell the other end of the spectrum is. Both ‘sides’ do it, because their income is slightly more important than your wellbeing, even if they are extremely and exceptionally passionate about what they are teaching/writing about/signing you up to, and really believe in what they are teaching.

What it was going to be about was the unrelenting and, in my opinion, misleading information about how ‘bad’ controlled crying is and the overuse of using the terms ‘controlled crying’ and ‘crying it out’ synonymously.

This makes my blood boil, because, firstly and as far as I’ve always been concerned, the two are completely different things. Crying it out is

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