The Dangers of iPods and Zombies

A walk up the street was in order.

For two reasons. We were out of coffee and milk, and the kids needed to do something that required more than just their thumb muscles. The standard nagging and persistent requesting and telling ensued and they became clothed and shod. Miraculously. And only after a series of words, placed appropriately in a well structured sentence that included such things as “Lego shop” and “not going” and “unless you get dressed now”.

Ta da!

They have both requested their iPods come along so they can “listen to music”. I can’t see why not. Well, not until we are approximately a metre and a half from the front gate. It is at this point I can see what a terrible idea iPods, children and a 1.5km walk (3 k round trip) is going to be.

Monkey Boy is listening to one song on his, and this, because of the location of the song (located inside a game) requires him to be pulling it out of his pocket and fiddling with the screen to replay it. I put a stop to that.

Godzilla appears to be afflicted by that horrible disorder whereby he is unable to walk and listen to music at the same time. Tragic. He is also intently holding the pocket in which his iPod is located very tightly. This is not helping his ability to coordinate.

We make it to our destination, purchase what we need, send Godzilla back to get another can of cat food, which takes all of ten minutes due to the slow walk; a result of intense listenting and concern for this pocket contents. I complete that task.

The whole concept is starting to freak me out when I had to resort to my behaviour of some six years ago where I was yelling “STOP!” every time they went near a road.

A take a deep, calming breath and, with a shaky-from-stress voice I say “I don’t think bringing your iPods is a good idea. It’s not happening again. This is how people get dead.”

I go on to list the reasons, because “this is how people get dead” is not explanatory enough, apparently.

  • It’s dangerous
  • You’re not watching where you’re going
  • You’re walking into people
  • You’re not concentrating
  • You’ve nearly stepped onto the road several times withouth looking
  • You’re crossing roads without looking or paying attention

Godzilla clearly, immediately grasps exactly what I’m saying.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “Especially when you’re singing the song on Plants vs Zombies, that bit that says “there’re zombies on your la-awn” and people think there are zombies on their lawn and they go home and there aren’t any zombies! That’s really annoying.”

Um … yes.

“It would be really funny if people got sucked into their iPods.”

And we went home.


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