The day after

Awoke, tired and grumpy, and planned for a Pyjama Day. A day where we do nothing all day.

Even the mess throughout the house didn’t inspire me to do very much. Or anyone else in the house for that matter.

The thought of yet another viewing of the Simpsons, movie, however, spurred me on to suggest we take out the new scooters and go for a nice walk.

Tantrums ensued for a bit, and off we went with a bike, a new scooter, a new outdoor game (on that involved some running – eek) and a bottle of water for everyone.

We made the 4.5k journey. I even managed a short run in the process, and returned to the car, where we rehydrated ourselves and grabbed the running game for a bit of Family Fun.

Despite my suggesting, then requesting, that eveyrone grab their own drink bottles, no one did, so between the three of them, they managed to consume what I had left in mine. Which had been enough to rehydrate me completely.

(For the record, “family fun” is an oxymoron!)

And head off home, just in time for lunch … roast pork sandwiches.

Which we also had for dinner.

And so, after the feast and days of indulgence begins the Roast Pork Sandwich Diet …

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