The Day Out

It’s always the way. I never have a social life, then I get two offers in the one day.

Oh, and on the day we have an extra child, a sick, snotty toddler and Grumpy husband.

Of course I’m saying yes!

Picnic lunch packed and we head off to an appointment, causing us to be late for a meeting with a bunch of real mums and their kids. There was much running around and craziness from the kids before we head off to ACMI (the Australian Centre for the Moving Image) where Monkey Boy, his friend and Godzilla felt the most fun thing would not be going and checking out all kinds of cool stuff about how movies are made, and video games we used to play when we were kids (remember Space Invaders and Pong – OMG! Pong, how cool and compelely unsophisticated is that! But the graphics – in the “olden” days, were start of the art!), and much around with funky shadow boxes and stuff. Noooo!

They wanted to sit and play Mario Kart. Which is precisely what they have been doing for the last day (with friend) and 8 days (since school holidays started).

Thankfully, I was in Snarky Bitch mode and suggested the go check other things out. They seemed intent on defying this request … then my orders … checking something out for approximately point 7 of a second and claiming innocently that they had “seen everything”.

The problem with being overtired AND in Snarky Bitch mode is that you can sometimes lose your sense of reasoning and work solely on principle.

Thus, it was how I ended up getting very cross with them and saying thing about not having friends over again or playing Mario Kart ever agian, ever in their whole lives, even after I’m dead they won’t be allowed to play it.

Gone was the rational thought of “meh, they’re having fun and not getting up to mischeif, and they’re leaving me alone, let them do what they like” and in came the “you will go and look at something else and you will enjoy it whether you like it or not!”

So they did go look at something else, and they did enjoy it. Whether they liked it or not, I don’t really care, and sent Grumpy Pants off to purchase me a latte while we went back to the playground and played some more.

Then it was time to drop the Friend at home. His mother was nowhere to be seen, and her mobile went to voicemail, where I succinctly informed her we had left him on the nature strip, he behaved well and hoped she returned home soon so he wasn’t left sitting there for too long.

Time for our next social engagement, which commenced with the discussion regarding Godzilla’s lack of retrieiving a warm jacket or jumper when leaving the house this morning, despite being told ot 807 times. Fortunatley, Monkey Boy had, only days before, neglected to take into the house his jacket which he had been asked to do 932 times, and was persuaded under threat of losing Lego playing priveleges for the next 35 years to allow his brother to wear it. Now, it apparently is no longer wearable by Monkey Boy as it has Godzilla germs and will cause him to die a long, slow, painful death if he puts it on.

I mummbled something about long, slow, painfull deaths by jacket if he keeps carrying on like this.

Off we went, in the freezing cold and dark to locate some penguins at the end of St Kilda peer, which not only look exactly the same in good lighting, but also look exactly the same in freezing cold, dark lack of lighting and I was pretty much over the whole experience about 3 seconds in. Oh, how I was praying for Monkey Boy’s “Ok, seen it, can we go now?” but he chose to spite me and persist with penguin shadow spotting.

At times like this one can be most grateful for a child’s limited attention span, and it wasn’t much longer before he did get bored enough to move. Dinner, pizza and hot chocolates and it was time for home.

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up with this pace of social life!

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