The definition of insanity is Mother Guilt

Sitting quietly in the sunshine, minding my own business and watching the kids skipping in Phys Ed (which was pretty funny in itself) yesterday afternoon at school, when another mum approached me and asked if I could help out with the school excursion tomorrow.

It’s to the Melbourne show.

“Sure,” I replied, then immediately brought out my “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. “But, oh, I have the baby, he’d have to come. Sorry.”

Then at school this morning, just to prove I’m one of those mothers that really is making an effort – it’s all a show – I mentioned the conversation to the teacher. She’ll let me know.

Which she did, at school pickup. “Thanks so much for doing this. It’s going to be such a help, thank you. Oh, it won’t be too hard for you.”

What? Harder than my ‘normal’ day?

I smile sweetly and say no, it’ll be fine. And off we rush to the dentist.

Which I know is going to cut into my time for making a cake for Godzilla to take for his “show day”, because his class isn’t going so they’re having one at school. Complete with pet competitions – bring in a photo of you and your pet, which I’d do, but I’m still down two cameras, so can’t do that – and baking comps. Which I promised I would do.

In the meantime, I have a business coach kicking my bum and my to do list in book form and I’m trying to work through that, before it becomes a novel. I tick a few things off, whilst Chippie crawls around my feet, pulling my notes off the desk, and eating them, then pulling used tissues out of my bin, and eating them, too.

He’s clearly not going to have his morning sleep, which he has actually been having the last few days, and throws out my plans. I feed him lunch, early, check a few emails and find him asleep in his high chair. After half a cheese sandwich and an hour and a half of screaming and refusing to sleep.

Figure I’ll have a good few hours, get nearly two and an equal number of ticks off one of my lists, before he wakes.

Home from dentist and I quickly set about getting just one more thing done, as won’t really have time to do more till Friday. Slogging through the task when I think about tomorrow:

  • all day at Show, with bubs, so must plan snacks for entire day. Ask Grumpy to get small cooler bag down from very high up cupboard for me;
  • will have to drive to school as have swimming lessons immediatley after;
  • therefore, must ensure extra extra spare clothes for Chippie, as no doubt he will get wet again;
  • then remember I have a business meeting immediately after swimming lessons;
  • thankfully, the person I’m going with has volunteered her (broken armed) husband to look after at least two of my kids;
  • drop them off and pick her up at the same time – makes sense;
  • drive to meeting

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