The Devil Wears …

So … if you’ve been stalking me about the place you’ll know I had a bit of a rough week a week or so ago. You’ll know I’ve been doing some major contract writing work over the last six months.

You may also know that I’ve been doing ‘other’ work, writing and stuff for a heap of people over the last lots of years … lots and lots of stuff.

I’ve met and worked for, with, and alongside a lot of people. I have learnt about people, generally, and have had the honour and pleasure – and sometimes intense displeasure – or working with passionate, dedicated people who are on a mission.

I have worked with, in a variety of circumstances, tremendously large multi-national corporations, and sole business owners and everything in between.

One of these experiences stood out for me quite intensely … well, actually, a lot have, but this one opened my eyes.

Have you ever seen

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