The disaster continues

Book club was a disaster.

The lady whose turn it was has a hubby who worked late.

She didn’t bring wine.

She insisted on ordering a bottle – hey, who were we to stop her – but it never came.

I sat for so long it hurt when I tried to leave.

I had about 4 hours sleep.

Worse still, despite the pain covering one entire side of my lower back and half my sizeable bum, all I had to show for it was this teensy little bruise where the bottom step had got me.

At least it was black, but still, it was teensy.

As the day progressed, the pain seeped up one side of my body, and I discovered, much to my joy, a small bruise on the pointy corner bit of my shoulder blade.

The pain and inability to move are now almost worth it.

On the upside, I can now blame my sizeable arse on swelling from the fall.

How long will I be able to get away with that excuse?

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