The Dummy as a Cure All

I relented a few weeks back and purchased a set of two dummies for Chippie.

He needed to suck. I had two others like it previously, one who needed to suck more than the other. Suckers. I held off for as long as could, but, for my own sanity and the safety and wellbeing of the rest of the family, I relented.

I hate dummies. Not because I care what judgements I may or may not receive from others. I couldn’t care less. Nor do I make any judgement about people who use them. As a tool, I think they are a wonderful idea.

No, I hate that its one extra thing that I need to cart around with me. Or two, three or four extra things. Because they will be spat out, dropped, handled by unknown children with filthy hands etc. So you always need a few extra.

I don’t want to be getting up every 23 seconds to replace a dummy during the night.

Mostly, I hate the fact that they are overused in many cases. I don’t care how others use them, or how often or why. I care that in my house they are overused. I have very strict rules about dummy usage in my house. LIke, the baby has to be upset, not just having a whinge, for it to be put in. And others.

But, despite my very strict and rules that everyone on the house has been lectured on on more

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  1. Early on where you mention the safety and wellbeing of the rest of the family, the image arises in my mind of Chippie’s mouth like a black hole threatening to devour everyone and everything that nears its gravitational pull.

    We never used dummies. But. If the tool works, use it, I say.

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