The Easter Weekend

As the end of the Easter period comes to an end, my brain isn’t in well enough working order to think of anything pertinent to do to the kids for April Fool’s Day.

The last four days have involved the Last Day of Term 1, complete with early school pickup and last minute scrambles for Easter Gifts for the kids that we do all the work for and for which the Easter Bunny gets full credit. Which is, quite frankly a little unfair, as I also then get the Worst Mum in the World comments tossed my way on occasion … at least I’m around making school lunches and shit. Not like the Easter Bunny.


We killed Friday by going for a family bike ride. This is always fun, as my bike is in desperate need of a service. Still, it killed a day, and when you’re outdoors and can ride really fast and get away from the kids a bit, their whinging ceases. Or you just can’t hear it. Whatevs.

Saturday, Grumpy Pants made us tidy the house. This is no fun as he takes the concept of grumpy to a whole new level and gets cross with me cos I won’t stay in the same room as him, working on the same thing he is working on. I do this escape thing for two reasons: 1) I prefer to do things my way, on my own – I do not wish to begrudge him doing things his way, just they are different to mine and we end up swearing at each other. I’d rather just do my thing, my way, on my own, and 2) he turns into a not nice person and I’d rather be as far away from him as possible.

I commence today’s Tidying Up Session by asking him which room he’ll be starting in so I can locate the room furthest from him and go about my business. I think he almost smiled.

We all survived. And the house got tidied. Ish.

Sunday saw the Easter Bunny Visit Chaos … of which I have no photos as children are extremely impatient and refused to comply.

Except when there was the opportunity to wear half an easter egg as a nose …

In order to burn of some chocolate induced energy, and mostly to prevent Grumpy Pants and I from completely losing our ‘nanas, we piled the whining kids into the car, put the bikes on the back and hit the road for a Family Day.

Monkey Boy, entering the Horrible Pre-Teen Stage, has made it increasingly clear that whilst he still likes steam trains, he hates riding on them as they are “boring”.

It is increasingly difficult to determine just how boring as everything, currently, is “boring”. I’m sure there is a scale or some dictionary of definitions dependant on the tone or expression used. Oh, wait, there is no tone or expression used … but apparently there are different kinds of “boring” as evident by what happened next.

We arrived at the Maldon historical steam train station and unpacked the bikes, set ourselves up for a ride alongside the tracks and calmed an overly excited Chippie who was bouncing up and down, pointing and yelling “LOOK! A TRAIN!” and running around like a lunatic.

At this point, Monkey Boy started nagging about going on the train. We carefully explained, utilising approximately 47 different variations of “you said you didn’t like going on the train, so we thought we’d do something different” in order for him to fully comprehend our reasoning.

He was not impressed.

So we hopped on our bikes anyway, rode along side the tracks, all gravel and dirt and with my brakes and gears partially functioning.

We caught up with the train …

Then raced it …

I use the term loosely, as we had no chance.

I also think I broke a lung.


I think I need some more chocolate …

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