The End of a Toothy Era

After a somewhat belated start; whereby I was forced out of bed due to the intense force of the noises emanating from demented warthog that had apparently snuck into my bed, overnight, and displaced my husband, and said husband emerged from said bed some moments before 10.00a.m. we head off on our weekly (ish) Family Day.

It was a trip to Queenscliff for fish and chips and a run around and then … we’d see how things went from there.

How they went is we ended up on the ferry to Sorrento, as opposed to the nearly two hour long train ride in Queenscliff. This mean we would be home sooner, rather than later.

In theory of course. In reality, we struck traffic immediately upon or disembarking from the ferry and our “we’ll be home in just over an hour” was repeated approximately every 45 minutes for the first two and a half hours.

Godzilla fell asleep at some point, and remained so. Monkey Boy and Chippie became extremely bored and commenced the SHUT UP game they invented last weekend. That is, until Grumpy and I yelled “SHUT UP” in a way that had them shut up immediately.

So they started fighting with

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