The English Language

One of those mornings where I was running around like an idiot.

No dramas this time, probably because I wasn’t organised and had no spare time up my sleeve.

There was, however, the “Come on, get your shoes on NOW, we have to leave TWO MINUTES AGO. Your shoes, your shoes. OK, where’s your lunch? And your’s? WHERE IS YOURS??? Oh, shit, I forgot to make your lunches!”

Set off, met the Walking School Bus for dropoff, got to kinder, raced home to get changed for a meeting.

Meeting went for longer than anticipated, raced back to kinder for pickup.

Argh! No work done.

Have felt like Evil Bad Mummy too many times this week already, calling in the “Nanny” (ie whatever dodgy video we have from the local library).

Oh, oh, oh, need to get work done.

Godizalla decides he wants to do his “big letters” on the “flat computer”.

(Ok, but don’t tell Daddy I let you use it, ok? Shhhhhh)

He’s happily typing his gibberish and changing colours and language settings that I can’t get back, but he can, when he decides to “do da alphabet”.

“Yeah, yeah, good, whatever”

“Mummy, where is da A. I need da A. Oh, dere it is. A. Now B. Where is B, dere is B …”

By the time we got to C, I’d switched off. I vaguely heard the “Where is da L, oh dere it is. Where is da O, oh dere it is” (hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right, but anyhoo..)

And was jerked into consciousness with the panicked “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, MUMMY, MUMMY, MUMMY, MUMMY, MUMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!! I can’t find ‘meno’ where is ‘meno’ I can’t find it!’

Do I tell him its right there next to the ‘any’ key?

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