The Eternal Dilemma

After a late morning visit to the optometrist to learn how to install contact lenses correctly, and being mildly disappointed that I wasn’t easily able to order ones that made you look like a Crazy Lady or had smiley faces on them, I was treated to an afternoon at school.

This involved, of course, the usual LEGO Club sitting around and telling a bunch of boys playing LEGO to “BE QUIET!”

Their voice volume levels are aided by the high ceilings and I’m sure they’re not really as loud as they sound. Or, I’m kidding myself … it’s a bunch of boys playing with LEGO. You don’t get much louder than that.

Afterwards, I spent an hour with several small groups of children and introducing them not only to the fact that, yes, they will be doing a speech at their graduation, but also that I am assisting them with it. Several ran from the room screaming, and others hid under the beanbags. I do believe the Foetal Position was utilised, in these cases. Anyhoo, I now have them all started on their Horrible Task and I get to spend every Wednesday, until the end of year, working with them on their speeches.

I fucking hope they’re good!

Grumpy Pants delivered the Chipster on his way to work, and I had a bit of a catch up with some parents after school, realised the time and that I had to walk home with Chippie, who proceeded to whinge most of the way, giving up only when I would not stop with my unrelenting “Seriously, dude, you need to use your words. I have no idea what you’re saying.”

Make it home with just enough time to state thirty-seven times “Have. You. Got. Your. Guitar. Stuff. Ready. Yet?” whilst preparing dinner which I aimed to dump in the pressure cooker and leave (yes, another Kambrook Pressure Cooker creation – woo hooo!).

Meanwhile, Chippie was at the DVD drawer, insisting he watch a movie that we a) had no time to watch and b) that I couldn’t help him with as my hands were covered in meat goo.

After sitting for some time, whinging and demanding, he went quiet. I figured his he’d given up on me, again, and wandered off to play with his brothers. Then I found him:

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