The Exercise Resolution

I don’t make new year’s resolutions for the simple fact that any plans I make, and I mean any plans I make, are always screwed with and nothing ever goes to plan.

As you can tell by my recounting of my extremely well planned New Year’s Eve.

Not that the not going ot plan is always an issue. Sometimes it works out better. Like the time I planned to make a cup of tea and found myself with a vodka and tonic. It happens. Sometimes its a good thing.

I also figure “why wait” and just embark on things as they come to me. So when I got the Wii Fit Plus I asked for for Christmas (because I went shopping with GrumpyPants, took it off the shelf, handed it to him and said “buy this for me for Christmas. In fact, go and buy it now so you don’t forget”) I started there and then. Still, I use “this time of year” to take the time to really think about

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  1. I started reading this thinking “the sun is out, let’s go to the duckpond for a walk/ride today” then as I read on I began to remember why we stopped doing it. My teeth began aching just thinking about it.

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