The Experience of Work

Recently, yet another extremely common milestone descended upon our household. You may have guessed by the title of this post that it has something to do with the obligatory, year 10 (or thereabouts, depending on the school you’re at at the state you live in) Work Experience Program.

Multiple forms were sent home, followed by a Parent Meeting at the school, to advise us of the requirements of all parties, and how to fill out the multiple forms, and we were handing a couple more forms for good measure.

Although I am unable to restrain myself from constantly remining my offspring to just do the stuff that they need to do, I also refuse to relent and do it for them. Thus, I was much dismayed when Monkey Boy did the rounds, scored himself a fortnight of experience, and the day before he was supposed to hand 73 of the forms back in, the business that had agreed to take him on decided they weren’t going to anymore.

A disappointment … but also Life.

I agreed to assist, given the time constraints, but would only put in an equal effort – one equal to that which he was putting in. As a result, he was offered the opportunity to experience work in the same office building as I. For the same company, but a completely different department.

I work with words, and he prefers numbers. So there wasn’t much chance of us working in the same department.

I wasn’t all that fussed about that. For me, and as is my understanding of the whole point of work experience, I wanted him to experience this on his own.

He already has a job, however, so I was curious as to what this experience would teach him. The difference, I guess, is this experience was rather corporate, and his casual job is in a fast food outlet, in a relatively low socio-economic area, with great cultural diversity.

This experience, in my opinion, has provided him with an experience that goes beyond work, and seeps into the realm of Real Life.

Oh, I should probably warn you at this point, a bit of a disclaimer as it were, the following contains some very rude words. Not because I am a foul mouthed pleb (or not

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