The Facts of Life: Part 2

We received a sad phone call this morning.

Monkey Boy’s little friend from last year, the little girl who was being “pushed around” at school (and after 6 weeks of being traumatised by these stories, I find she was, in fact, in a wheelchair) had passed away.

I also find that I am not equipped to deal with this. I have no idea of the “right” thing to say.

Worse. I have no idea what his reaction is going to be like, and then, how to deal with that.

I steadied myself for some crying, for myriad questions (why, what will happen to her, where will she go, how did she die, but how, but why), for anger or some sort of emotional response that was out of the ordinary.

I was not quite prepared for the disbelief “really, is she dead? Or are you just pretending?” but managed to get through that bit.

What I was not prepared for was the retreating,

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