The Festive Season and Forget Me Nots

My morning kicked off with a 9.00a.m. meeting and a reminder to the Grumpy One that he would be responsible for his offspring this morning.

Something I have been reminding him of for a few days now.

“Oh,” he says when I remind him over my coffee. Again. “So what am I supposed to be doing?”

I sigh. I have more coffee and some breakfast and make the school lunches, using some bread rolls I found in the freezer. The last lot of bread purchased was “euwww, gross!” as it had “too many seed things – ack!” in it. Or some other teenage gibberish. The rolls, from memory, where leftover from a bbq we attended a few weeks ago. I had no idea they were there. Lucky they were, in hindsight.

It took many attempts to get Godzilla to arise. Two and a half days out from the last day of school, and suddenly he’s so exhausted he can’t move. I finally extract him from his bed, and empathetically and calmly direct him to the kitchen for breakfast.

He sits on the couch and cries. Waaaaaaay overtired.

I encourage him to have a shower and liberally sprinkle the base with peppermint oil, in the hope that it injects him with some vibrancy and awakeness. At the very least, he no longer smells like a tweenage boy who showers sporodically, but fresh and … minty.

He eats. We work out who is going what car with whom.

Godzilla lands with me, because I’m driving right past his school on the way to my appointment.

He cries. It’s clearly getting to the end of his year. I need him to go till Santa Assembly on Friday. He hasn’t missed a day of school yet, and today is when they go to visit their new classroom and teacher.

Also, I can’t think beyond the plans I have written in my diary.

Conclude appointment, ring Grumpy Pants to find out where he needs to meet me to collect Chippie so we can go home, get organised for kinder, grab his kinder lunch and head back to kinder.

Puckle Street it is, where I also need to grab a few things for the kinder ‘party’ this afternoon. No time to go home and back again, so drop Chippie of and let him know I’ll be back soon with his kinder bag, including his lunch and hat.

(I found a discarded water bottle or ten, kicking around the floor in the back of the car – sorted!)

The kindergarten teacher is in need of a parent helper or two, early, to help set up for the party where parents and other hangers on have been invited to celebrate the end of the kinder year.

I figure as I’m coming back anyway, with the kinder bag, that I’ll just hang around.

“I can bring my popcorn machine with me, too,” I tell the teacher as she had planned to do popcorn and hadn’t got around to organising it what with everything else going on.

Home, change into more appropriate clothing for both the weather and the party, because being Melbourne when I left this house this morning it was cold, then it got HOT. Organise my contribution to the party (crackers, cheese and strawberries – and not the Santa strawberries I saw on Pinterest last year and attempted to replicate back then. It’s the thought that counts, right? I did think about doing Santa strawberries. Then I

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