The final leg….

Leave Canberra house in relative peace again, removing the boys, and driving off with them.

Chippie now back to “normal” plus excessive snot cried a majority of the time and could only be placated by holding a biscuit. Ever now and again, in slumber, he spat his dummy out, took a bite out of the bikkie, gummed it for a bit, spat it down his front, and shoved his dummy in again and returned to the Land of Nod.

A long lunch stopover where food was shovelled and minimal running around had. As per normal.

Back in the car, Chippie started up again, having to have a hand held on his leg before he’d drift off again. Attempts to remove hand before REM sleep stage resulted in eyes springing open and subsequent squalling.

Another stop just over an hour from home, the older two running around like idiots and climbing. Not on the things that were suitable, like the playground, but the fence beside a train line, trees and construction vehicles. Chippie entertained himself by having tantrums when removed from precariously up high things and eating a disgarded donut half located under the playground near several cigarette buts.

Back in the car, with little tears this time as Chippie managed to placate himself in this last stage, by reaching his hands down and retreiving small bits of pre-masticated biscuit with which he then consumed. Along with a lavender flower we’d picked at some stage along the way.

Godzilla, clearly disgusted at the sleep like state of his older brother recommenced the reaching behind seat and poking game.

We had completed the trip to this point without any threats to leave children on side of road, were we to be forced to now?

Thankfully, more food was located and that shut them up until we made it home.

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