The Final Shop

Christmas Presents List checked, double checked and ticked as complete.

Except for a few little things to add to the hamper for some friends. And something small to add to the gifts for some nieces.

And something for Grumpy, who, despite being only two days away from Christmas (one if you count the Santa bit) and my desperate pleas for him to give me some idea or he’d be getting undies again, still has not complied.

Oh, and just have to check the kids stuff, becuase a “friend” – who any other time of the year is amazingly fabulous, but at Christmas gets relegated to the Hit List – lovingly gifted my kids with a Santa Sack each. One’s that could easily contain a significant proportion of the exhihbits at the National Gallery of Victoria. Each.

Shopping also needed for dinner with friend’s (the Hit List one and her husband) on Christmas Eve, a plate to take for Christams lunch, and ingredients for dessert for Christmas dinner.

And what better time to do it than Chistmas Eve Eve.

Took Monkey Boy and Chippie along (remembering to take the nappy bag, with extra wipes, nappies and dummies this time – thus ensuring it’s total unnecessariness), where Monkey Boy happily complied and Chippie sat contented in the trolley baby capsule thing.

Grumpy and Godzilla were under instruction to purchase gifts for a hamper we were putting together. Read: bugger off and please don’t “help” me with the shopping.

Monkey Boy read off the shopping list – which he wrote himself, and should, in hindsight, have been vetoed by me. Marscapone cheese is not Macaroneesy cheese, and the reason for my list was so I didn’t have to worry about remembering what the hell I needed.

So had to go back for that, and several other items.

Monkey Boy insisted on purchasing, for Grumpy, a pack of undies. It took several minutes to choose colours, and would he need 5, 7 or 10 pair?

Despite my requests, Grumpy and Godzilla found us in isle 7, and commenced the “helping”. They were quickly asked to bugger off, again, as I find two boys leaping from coloured tile to coloured tile and playing chasey, and the suggestions from my husband about particular potential purchases most unhelpful.

Hmm, maybe it’s just me.

Stop at checkout, two kids in my posession still being relatively cooperative. Take back items not on my list that had been misinterpreted on shopping list and/or thoughtfully contributed to shopping trolley by a cheeky 8 year old, or allegedly helpful 47 year old.

Finally make it home, and … suprise suprise – I have everything I need!

Commence making a Rocky Road, stabbing stray fingers stealing ingredients along the way, only to discover, on it’s completion, that half the componenets remained unopened on the bench, hidden from children. And husbands.

Great, now I have 14 packs of lollies sitting around over the Christmas period. I wonder for how long I can use them to ‘encourage’ the kids to behave?

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