The first appointment


The appointment with the obstetrician has arrived.

It was odd, being back in his waiting room after such a long time (almost five years). A few, very pregnant, couples were scattered about the place, toddlers in tow, a few glancing at us, all knowing … like they knew what we were in for in the near future.

Little did they know that I could tell them a few stories, and they hadn’t yet seen anything! I almost let out an evil laugh and rubbed my hands together, but managed to control myself.

Our ob was most surprised to see us and we tottered off to his room for a chat – the usual first check up thing with the person who knows what he’s talking about – then into the teensy room with the dodgy scanner thing. I call it the dodgy one, because its not the one that costs a bazillion dollars downstairs that can do all sorts of cool things. This one only cost a few billioin. But still good.

“Yes” he informs me, suprised. “There is a baby in there.”

“JUST ONE?? Quick, check to make sure there’s only one!” Grumpy and I both shouteded at him.

He assured us there was, but I dunno. Dodgy machine and all. Will ask again at the “proper” scan. Got a picture to take home for Monkey Boy and were out of there in about 4.5 seconds total.

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