The First Day and The Cake

Chippie commenced his first official day of primary school today.

Whilst a momentous occasion, my mind has been warped from being in the presence of one child or another, or many, or few over the last six weeks or so.

Being one who does not bode well not utilising my mind to its full capacity and doing stuff and things that allow me to express myself and my passions, this had a significant effect on my capacity to feel the appropriate, single Oh, My Baby Is Going To School emotion.

Rather, a billionty feelings were wending their way around my mind as we readied him for his first day.

Aside from absolutely refusing to discuss the concept of school since, well, forever, he was remarkably calm and compliant, having a shower, getting his bag ready and getting dressed.

Or he was, until he put his shirt on; a hand me down from older brothers that was ridiculously large. Whilst ‘big’ on the other two on their first day, it was never

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  1. Hi Mandy, I have just read this amazing blog, which has brought so many “memory” tears to my eyes. For I remember when a beautiful little girl, with long curly black hair and the most gorgeous face and smile anyone could ever see started school for the first time!. You are an amazing person who despite every obstacle being place before you, were able to jump over it and succeed like no other. For those who are reading this, I was Amanda’s babysitter when she was a beautiful little girl, and I was a teenager! She had a beautiful soul then just as she does now. The next phase of your life now begins, I cant say that it will be any easier, but you are in for an amazing journey. Love always Karen

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