The flick of a switch

Fatigue is well and truly setting in with yet another horrible night’s sleep and enduring another stupid, indecisive tantrum by toddler, who was first put in laundry to drown out screams, where he kicked and screamed and bashed on the door (understandably) and repeated the same, from the outside once I’d calmed down enough to be relatively confident he was safe in my presence.

Tempted to put him back in, I chose his cot, for his safety and most distance from me that wouldn’t result in a call to the DHS, where he attempted to climb out, still screaming and I made Vegemite sandwiches for his lunch.

Once completed, I picked his climbing-out-of-cot form up, he threw himself sideways, clung to the side and tried to climb back in.

Eventually got him dressed and his bag packed and couldn’t get out the door quick enough to take him to day care. The reason I couldn’t get out quick enough, was due to the older two, who had mistaken my “get dressed now! Shoes on, quick!” for “please sit on the floor quietly, half naked and shoeless, and play some Lego. Make sure you are super quiet, so Mummy doesn’t realise you’re not doing what she asked!”

My switch flicked over to Snarky Bitch mode.

Dropped Chippie off, made it home, had a quiet chat to kids about my plans for the day, a la I needed this many hours to work and then we could do something fun, and we settled on an agreement.

Set about work whilst they played fairly well together, possibly being fully aware of position of Snarky Bitch Switch. It all fell apart when Monkey Boy, who had painstakingly created a Yoshi out of Lego (really Duplo) pieces, walked into my bathroom while I was attempting a Shower In Peace, and refused to display Yoshi on my mantle piece. Mostly due to fact there is no room on there.

Things then went downhill, when, so it appears, Monkey Boy presented Lego Yoshi with a Duplo piece with a steak printed on it and Godzilla had a meltdown about Yoshi being a vegetarian. Tragic, seemingly, given magnitude of meltdown.

Not long after that I realised switch was firmly stuck in Snarky Bitch mode; I’m tired and I’m over the fighting over stupid things. I threw the DVD we had planned to watch out the door. Then considered that stupid, as, although planning to send them to their room so I could watch a DVD in peace, my point would have hit it’s mark much harder had I watched the DVD we planned to, ie the one they wanted to watch. Damnit.

Family discussion (with those of us there) were had and we set some agreements and watched the DVD, where I fell asleep and was poked to see if I was still alive.

Had lovely warm bath, sent Grumpy away .. anywhere, I don’t care, just take them away, oh, and drop the DVD’s back to the store so we don’t get fined … with them and he returned some hours later with Chippie.

He allowed to older two on the Wii, who immediately started arguing over something.

Ooh. Lookit that, switch still in Snarky Bitch Mode … lucky, cos I informed them, calmly, that enough was enough.

As I flicked another switch and their game went to shit …

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  1. Switches are wonderful things that give us immense power over situations. USing the threat of “I will end your game now before you have a chance to save it” has been an occasional wild card I’ve kept up my sleeve for good use.

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