The Homework is Now Complete and Ready for Handing In Tradition

After much more discussion, and having only two more parts of the project – oh, wait, The Project – to hand in, both partly done, we entered the “Nah, it’s ok. I wont’ hand it in tomorrow, and I’ll finish it on the weekend” stage.

No we bloody won’t.

I just want the damn thing out of the house. Out of my head. I’m, quite frankly, over it taking up a fair portion of our family conversations. Beside, I have sooooo many other things with which to repeat myself incessantly about and have them ignore me.

That discussion had, we were almost there.

We just had to get through the “No, I won’t take it in the morning. You can just bring it tomorrow afternoon when you come and pick me up.”

I’m not quite sure of the logic on this one. I think he thought he’d buy an extra day to complete the last two components. Or, maybe he thought if he left them at home, unfinished, that I would complete them for him.

Pfft! Silly bugger.

“Um, no, you will take them in the morning and then they are handed in and we don’t have to think about them any more.”

“Just bring them in the afternoon.”

“No. I have enough to think about today, I don’t need one more thing in my head to have to remember.”

“Well, you can remember that. It’s just a little thing.”

Yes, thank you, I”m well aware that my capacity to remember things is somewhat … um … depleted.

Finally, all conversations about submitting project completed. Last two components of project completed. Last two components placed on corner of dining room table so that they will be seen, remembered and brought to school in the morning.

Or … as the tradition goes … I will point and say something along the lines of remembering to take homework approximately 823 times while getting ready, ask another

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