The Iron and The Awesome

We have a party to go to tonight, the Grumpy One and I.

He put on a shirt he extracted from the wardrobe. It looked a little crinkled, but in the right light and if you squint your eyes, it’s wearable. Except, it doesn’t go at all well with his pants, regardless of the lighting and how your hold your head.

“Get another one,” I advise.

So he does. He extracts this one from the depths of the ironing basket, in which also resides size 1 shirt belonging to Chippie, but that he’d have no hope of fitting into now, some cow print car seat covers, half a dustbuster and various other garments in need of a good seeing to with an iron.

This shirt also has no hope of being considered wearable-in-public, regardless of light or head holding positions. It is far to crinkled.

“Well,” I say. “Iron it.”

So he pulls out the ironing board and sets it up some five foot away from where the iron actually plugs in. “It’s a cordless iron,” he tells me, as though that makes a difference.

He places the shirt on the board in a position that I would never start ironing a shirt in. So I shrug and walk off. He follows.

“I set it up for you.”

“That nice, but actually, you didn’t,” I reply. The boards in the wrong spot, the cord will never reach and … there appears to be a burning smell coming from the laundry …

I relent. I move the board. I place the base of the iron in a reachable position. I set the shirt up to a much better starting spot. I make a lot of noise and a huge point about doing all of this. He sits and watches.

“Where did you learn to iron?” he enquires.

“Fucking stupid arse fucker,” I reply. “Why the fuck is it not steaming? Fucker.”

And I

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  1. I had an EX that told me, (one day when I was premenstrual and pimply and bloated and couldn’t find anything to fit properly and I was crying in frustration), ever so gently and lovingly, “don’t worry honey, I know how you CAN look”… Yep. That made me feel a whole lot better. Not! ;))

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