The irredeemable CAN be redeemed

After my actual birthday day being, quite literally, filled with shit and disappointment, and no cake … so I couldn’t even have my cake and eat it too, cos there was no fucking cake … I went to bed very upset.

Determined that the day was ruined and could never, ever, ever be “made up for”. Even though Grumpy promised he would, the day was done and that was that.

To give him all the credit he is due, he did spend the actual day cleaning baths and scrubbing toilets and preparing for my party which occurred last night. But still, I coulda used a teensy bit of leftover cake with a candle in it. Just to mark the occasion.

Sometimes, I do forget just how brilliantly amazing he is and how far he goes out of his way to make me happy. Sometimes, he misses the mark completely, but its the effort he puts in that makes me smile.

So we spent the day preparing and organising. The kids were wanting to be involved in the party preparations. I also knew they’d be hanging around being all annoying, so I set them tasks, with no expectations. In fact, that was my goal for this party; let the family organise it for me and not comment.

Monkey Boy did the invites … I would have done them completely differently, but that’s ok … I had handed over the reins. I was not to add suggestion, ideas or criticise. I just let it happen.

Godzilla was put, mostly, in charge of decorations … the asking started at 7.07am and didn’t stop. Even when I said “You can start at 4.00 this afternoon and not before” … so at 4.00pm the partying up of the house commenced …. which is why we ended up with streamers strung across the room about 4 foot off the ground and had a cocktail umbrella hanging from them …