The Joy of Swimming and Wibbly Wobblies


Gone are the day’s of taking bathers off during lessons and showing the other Mums his doodle.

Nope, Godzilla has extended his “hate” into his once beloved swimming lessons.

Now he hates them. He hates his teacher. He hates swimming (which is intersting as only last night he was having an absolute ball in the pool, but there you go).

Grumpy is not dealing with this well, as its happened the last two weeks running.

So it was my turn today.

Can’t be much fun sitting on the side of the pool for an entire lesson, but hey, not my problem.

I got to catch up with all the mums I haven’t seen for ages!

And, finally, Monkey Boy has a Wibbly Wobbly.

Yes, a loose tooth. He has been awaiting this moment with anticipation for months. In fact, since well before asking another kid for two pieces of string for his 6th birthday.

I had, however, though that this moment would never arrive and was completely unprepared for it.

And for the bazillion questions relating to wibbly wobblies; how long till it falls out, what happens to it, where do they go, how long till it falls out, how long till it falls out, how long till it falls out …

Do I get 20 questions with each tooth? There are 20, you know, do I have to go through this each time?

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