The joys of parenting … you get it all


After another truly chaotic day, I collect kids, do the gymnastics run, prepare and consume evening meal and attempt to settle for the evening; everyone in the bath …

… including lice! Again!

I’m truly not happy. This is the 3rd time in 10 days! Given that I continue to persist, I am fairly confident that the issue is not originating in my home.

Mild panic as remember am appearing on 9am with David & Kim tomorrow morning, and they are doing my hair and makeup. Sit in bath with kids, nuking and combing my own hair. Will be more than horrified if they refuse to do my hair due to the threat of

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  1. NITS, NITS, NITS…my daugter has had them on and off (more on) sice April, in a fit of rage last saturday she now has short hair (like Dora)…bring it on NITS

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