The Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for Victorian kids.

The last day of the school year for my kids.

I’m so pleased to see they have come such a long way and learnt so much this year.

Like … we’re ten minutes away from leaving and Godzilla, after having danced on the bed, naked, and saying “I am getting dressed!”, informs me that he needs to dress in Hawaiian theme today.

Which is handy, as my fttish with all things Hawaiian has led me to start a collection of brightly coloured, floral shirts in all sizes and I had plenty for him to choose from.

Oh, wait. I don’t have that fetish, nor do I have anything that resembles a Hawaiian shirt which he may wear to school today. So he wears an orange t-shirt and I don’t care.

We make it out the door, where Monkey Boy advises me he needs to wear a Santa hat for the performance his class is doing in assembly this morning.

I explain this is something he may like to give me a little more notice about, given the aforementioned hats are likely to either be in storage, or in the unopened box retrieved from storage when the Christmas tree arrived, and is now stuffed somewhere out of site and possibly inaccessible.

And I don’t care that he doesn’t have one.

We deliver them at school, head home for a crazy day of meetings, shopping for dinner and running around like idiots, cramming 6 hours of stuff into 4 given the early dismissal time.

We collect them, arrive home and within 38 minutes of the school holidays I’m well and truly over hearing about Star Wars, Lego, Lego Star Wars and Plants vs Zombies.

How long till the school holidays are over?

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