The Last Day School Bag Cleanout

Another term over and I still haven’t got my head around the fact we’re starting school holidays.

Remember to get to school an hour early, because the teachers need to get to the pub when they knock off for holidays, and finish Godzilla’s day with questioning from the teacher about his Show & Tell earlier in the week; specifically, why did he bring in a teddy bear named after a recently slain gangland member, and how did his baby brother steal it from the police station.


Don’t I have enough explaining to do without this?

Round them up, have a ‘small’ play on the playground and leave school at the same time we would normally have anyway. I hate that.

Being on holidays and finishing school early does not elimiate need for constant reminder to unpack school bags as per normal after school. Then the added bonus of cleaning it out completely so we may wash or otherwise destroy any clothing that has been sitting in the bag since sometime in the mid-1960s.

Not too bad a haul this time, and, thankfully, nothing more disgusting than a few grains of rice (no idea how they got there, never sent him to school with rice!) and some notes, “Easter is Fast Approaching” and “You are invited to our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea” etc.

And something completely indistinguishable, and no longer mushy …

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