The lesser of two evils?

Thursday today.

Which means school, swimming, latte, entertain bored 5 year old, feed sick newborn every few hours, school, swimming. And probably some shopping in there, too.


Didn’t think could even be bothered with the latte after swimming, but had to choose between that and trying to convince bored 5 year old of the break in the long standing routine. A three year routine. Every Thursday. Not easy.

But 5 year old was still coughing and spluttering and … what is that? Sounding a little hoarse when he woke.

Hmmmm. And I’ve been told that Chippie must rest and stay home. And surely I should, too?

Decision made! I was debating whether I would haul Chippie out, yet again, and drag myself off to swimming lessons so Godzilla wouldn’t miss out.

The other choice was to have him miss out, thus, stay at home with raging headache and non-existent tolerance levels with sick newborn and hyper 5 year old.

But as he’s sick, we can all stay home.

Organise Monkey Boy to be picked up for school.

(Feeling somewhat unloved, and feeling like I didn’t care about him becuase he had to go to school, he coughed and spluttered very loudly, but gave himself away by being incredibly obnoxious and annoying. So, not sick at all. Ner!)

Lay in bed with Chippie and Godzilla, attempting to sleep off lurgy. I also reserve the right to claim I was in desperate need to catch up on sleep for the last 7 and half weeks. Which is probably why I got sick in the first place … lack of sleep and living with snot heads.

Good choice, I thought. Definitely. No having to put up wtih tired, grumpy, sick, whingy Godzilla.

The thought was shattered mere seconds later, just as I drifted into a much needed doze.

It commenced with Godzilla wriggling, a lot, as children lying in a parent’s bed are prone to do. Followed almost immediately

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