The Long Sleep and a little nibble

Chippie had his first long sleep, and long stint between feeds.

About 6 hours between feeds, and a good solid 4 hours sleep. Or more.

Yes. He was rather unsettled last night, so as to avoid missing House, I sat with him on my lap.

It wasn’t as if I had a bowl of nice ice-cream in the way. So why not. Of course, he settled during the ad breaks and screamed during the show.

Finally he settled, towards the end. Of course.

And then … I woke at 2.14am. On the couch. With him lying on me. Just beginning to stir. Which is probably what woke me.

Still, hopefully this is the beginning of some longer, overnight sleeps.

Had kids ring my brother to wish him happy birthday. I was too tired and grumpy to do so. Understandably. So they did.

Passed the phone between each other to profer their wishes.

Monkey Boy first.

Then Godzilla … “Noooo (hehehehe). You can’t talk to Chipppie. He’s just a baby. And he’s sucking on Mummy’s nibble!”

Great. Not only did I have a bad sleep, but next time I see my brother, I just know he’s gonna have that image stuck in his head!

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