The Many Faces Of Buzz

After banning the children from repeatedly saying “penis” to our new Buzz, the eldest set about trying to impress me. And win back my love.

He did this by keeping Chippie’s birthday present away from Chippie, and preventing him from playing with it, causing him to scream as though his leg had been amputated by a blunt spoon, then yelling “MUM! Chippie is snatching!”


Anyhoo, he knows how much I like Spanish Buzz ….

… so he turned our New Buzz into a Spanish Buzz for my amusement and enjoyment:

Spanish Buzz

Then, bored and forced to amuse themselves without uttering the word “penis” or variations thereof, they set about creating a number of Alternative Buzzes …
Call Me Maybe Buzz
Spiderman Buzz
Gangsta Buzz
Usain Bolt Buzz
and …
Homer Simpson Buzz
(don’t ask, I have no idea ….)

And that kept them entertained for most of Sunday. Which was nice 🙂

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